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April 20th, 2014

I lost my head
Lost it
But I found it when the sun was rising
And the bright light burned my eyes
I never used them anyways
I guess if I want
I’ll see you when the sun sets

itsbadbadnotgood asked: Sorry if it's personal but may I ask where are you currently living?

Cleveland, OH 

March 21st, 2014

Loyalty is ecstasy
Take it and all of it’s in betweens
With a shot of what they call the truth
Bury me at sea
At least I’ll find light when I wash up on the beach


One of the best people I know is no longer living. It’s crazy that one day you’re telling people about this person & how great they are, and how they are one of your biggest influences then the next day they are gone. She was not only a beautiful person inside and out but she was one of the few who I loved following & watching grow. She has been apart of my influences, growing into what I want to become this past year & I never got to thank her. If you ever have anything you want to say, you let that person know because they could be gone in a blink of an eye. All of my love goes out to her girlfriend, friends & family. My heart shatters for you all, & when people force on “you’ll be okay with time” let them know it’s not always going to be okay. You’ve got to allow yourself to become it & whenever you’re ready you will be xoxo

pinkstarburst asked: Hey what happened to the picture(s) of me dude!

Still got em! Where do I send them DUDE! 

here-and-now-imalright asked: Holy crap you're talented

Hey, thank you that means more to me than anything & I could definitely say the same to you!! You dudes killed it tonight